2021 can be the year of cryptocurrencies and we cannot agree more.

Everywhere people see there are cryptocurrencies and more and more of them are wanting to dip their hands in them.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we would see and notice how things are up fast and moving and for the better. This is due to the many developments and advancements that industries and sectors have been noticing, especially from the past few years. More than ever, people have been looking forward to all kinds of cryptocurrencies after realizing their potential, power and value. This has led to the increase of people and companies investing in these digital assets and rightfully so for the level of returns they can provide them with. This is definitely the time for cryptocurrencies and the world is going crazy behind the same.

People have noticed the success that Dogecoin has had and continues to have. Now, another MEME coin has exploded and turned heads around the world by making impressive numbers. It is called Safemoon. Moonshot comes as a new cryptocurrency in a big project. It’s noticeable that Moonshot is on a constant rise and many are buying it but not selling it. You wonder why? Well, Moonshot is a new project that started recently and still has reached outstanding numbers. And, secondly, because its tokenomics distributes profits to holders if one sells.

The project is at the very beginning, as there are NFTs in the project, NFT Sweepstakes, and NFT-based Video Games. However, it is incredible to know that the Moonshot brand has now reached New York in Times Square, at the most important billboard which is Nasdaq, such is the buzz it has been creating in the crypto markets. Nasdaq is where the New York exchange opens every morning and where a few weeks ago, the IPO of Coinbase was presented on Wall Street. On the other hand, after the Moonshot billboard you see in this article, Safemoon advertises the same billboard at Nasdaq Times Square.
You can’t find it on Coinbase exchange but you can find it on Bitmart and Hotbit, where it has just been listed.

Anyway, we are sure of the good news coming in the next few months and can’t hold our excitement already.