Best Places To Retire 2021; Bitcoin Winter Again?

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The pandemic has caused many of us to reassess our living spaces, but for those near retirement the impetus for changing one’s address is even more pressing. For people heading into life’s second act, Forbes just published its annual list of the best places to retire. The ranking features cities across the U.S. that combine a high quality of life with factors including affordability, a strong local economy and access to medical care. And if you’re simply looking forward to a well-deserved (and safe) summer vacation, read on to learn how to outsmart the crowds and book the trip you’ve been daydreaming about. Plus, the latest in tax breaks, a return to offices and more.

Where To Retire In 2021

In 2020, 3.2 million Baby Boomers bid farewell to the workforce—more than double the number the year before. With Covid-19 infection rates finally plummeting across the country, now is a great time for the newly retired to shop around for the perfect spot to call home. For our annual Best Places To Retire ranking, Forbes evaluated nearly 800 locales in the U.S. to determine 25 superb spots with excellent retirement value. In other news, the White House has given states the green light to start tapping into about $12 billion in additional funding for Medicaid home-based long-term support and services. Plus, one debate that Millennials might not anticipate having with their Gen-Z children as they near retirement: To chip or not chip?

Back To Work?

The economy is heating up in tandem with the thermometers outside. Some companies facing labor shortages are offering bonuses—and even higher starting salaries—to attract new employees. But will the changes last? Though some states are nixing the $300 weekly federal unemployment benefit, these three states are offering return-to-work bonuses to soften the blow. Even so, the future of central business districts remains unclear as business leaders determine in-person requirements for office workers. And here’s where things stand with Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan, along with a discussion on the best way to pay for it all.

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Tax Postseason

Hopefully, you got your tax filing in before Monday’s midnight deadline (or requested an extension with the IRS). Some good news: More than seven million Americans may qualify for a 2020 tax refund or a lower tax bill, according to a new report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Monday was also a big day for taxpayers’ advisors, who prevailed against the IRS in a Supreme Court case that gives them a legal right to contest IRS enforcement of Notices that seek to impose penalties.

Crypto Swings And Investing For Teens

Bitcoin bulls have endured a trying few days after China said it would crack down on financial institutions conducting cryptocurrency business or offering related services in light of the market’s recent volatility. Digital currencies aren’t the only thing crashing; Here are all the market bubbles that have popped so far in 2021. In other investing news, Fidelity announced that it is allowing teens (whose parents have accounts with the brokerage) to trade stocks. But don’t worry, 13-year-olds can’t buy bitcoin just yet.

Have Vaccine, Will Travel

Despite rising prices and shortages of some goods, a new survey indicates that consumers remain confident in their finances. Some are spending at restaurants, bars and music venues, while others are booking European vacations. Demand for summer travel is sky high, and many top hotels, resorts and rental homes are already booked for the season. Here’s where to look and what to book instead. If you’re still searching for inspiration, Forbes Advisor shares 50 spectacular ideas for your big post-vaccine voyage.