Bitcoin of America Launches Universal Kiosk

This new universal kiosk is combining the capabilities of a traditional ATM with a Bitcoin ATM. There are 3 total functions that these kiosks offer. The first is the traditional ATM feature where customers can dispense cash from a debit card. The second function is being able to buy cryptocurrency with cash. The last is that customers can sell crypto in return for cash. This is huge for business owners. These universal kiosks are bringing stores additional revenue streams, while also saving floor space. Many of Bitcoin of America’s ATMs are placed next to a traditional ATM, often taking up extra room. Now, Bitcoin of America is making it possible to just have 1 machine with all of the same capabilities. 

Bitcoin of America is still offering the same beneficial services to its universal kiosk owners.  They take care of each location’s marketing with a monthly ad budget. They even provide support to all customers who use their host locations. Lastly, Bitcoin of America is responsible for all maintenance and installation services for the hardware required to run the ATM.

The sign-up process for these machines is fast and easy. It takes place online through Bitcoin of America’s website. They have more information on their host page including a full list of ATM locations. There truly are endless possibilities when it comes to the future of Bitcoin of America!

SOURCE Bitcoin of America

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