Ensuring NFT Authenticity, Global Art Marketplace ‘TRiCERA ART’ Releases NFT Art Transaction System

TOKYO, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TRiCERA (Location: Tokyo, CEO: Tai Iguchi), a global art marketplace, has announced the development of a platform that enables the purchase of NFT Art to enhance and support contemporary artists.

Authenticity and authorship are becoming increasingly important as digital art and NFTs gain momentum. TRiCERA adds weight to the provenance of NFT art, and provides additional assurance to digital artists and collectors, working with creators to ensure the reliability of transactions. TRiCERA will address these issues in an escrow role to ensure the safety of transactions between NFT digital artists and users.

[Prominent NFT Functions]
The latest integration of the NFT transaction system enables real-time transactions of NFT Art by cryptocurrency (Ethereum). In order to make a transaction between Users and Artists smooth, the platform integrated a linkage function with Ethereum Wallet and purchase functions which enable users to buy digital art created by 43 digital artists out of 2,400 artists in TRiCERA network. Also, TRiCERA is now compatible with formats other than image data such as movie file format to enable diverse ways of digital art transactions.

The latest information on TRiCERA:

The recent market volume of the art market estimates at 63 Billion USD, but there are only a few artists who can live by only selling art. Also, there are obstacles for artists to sell art overseas due to its complexity in sales, promotions, and logistic operation which leads artists to give up on challenging the overseas market.

 In order to solve this social issue, TRiCERA challenges the world in which artists’ receives an environment where best suit their career under the corporate vision “Creativity has No Boundaries” and runs a global art marketplace “TRiCERA ART” where any artists in the world can display and sell their artworks.

 Learn more at https://www.tricera.net, and follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TriceraInc), and Instagram (@tricerainc)

Company Profile
Company name: TRiCERA Inc.
CEO: Tai Iguchi
Head office: SDS Takanawa Building, 3-22-5 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074, Japan
Date of establishment: November 2018
Capital (including capital reserve): 138 million yen
Business Description:
Operation of TRiCERA ART, a global art marketplace
Public Relations:Soichiro Masuda
Mail: [email protected]

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