Nikolay Shkilev, Ph.D. on “Kickstarter for DeFi and NFT”

Today we have one of the most famous Blockchain experts Nikolay Shkilev, PhD and we want to talk to him about the DeFi phenomenon and why there is such a big boom in NFT tokens and projects.

But most of all we are interested in how Private Business Club helps projects and investors make millions of dollars out of it.

1) Good afternoon, Nikolay! How are you, why there was a boom in digital assets, in DeFi projects and especially in NFT?

It’s simple, many factors worked at once:

– Coronavirus. Many people lost their jobs or earnings in the real sector. The online market, on the other hand, has grown rapidly by all measures.

– People are tired of censorship, of sanctions, of regulators, of middlemen.

– The money goes where the most profit is. And right now, it’s digital assets and decentralized instruments.

– Thanks to NFT, you can digitize almost anything unique, not only a picture, a film, but even this very interview, and make a profit from it.

2) Fantastic. Tell me more about why your Private Business Club now has a queue of projects and investors?

The answer is simple – some want to get millions of dollars, others want to get hundreds and thousands of percent of the profit.

3) Wait, why can’t projects do it themselves, why do they turn to you and your team as a Kickstarter?

Practice shows that 99% of projects have no money, there is only an idea and probably a product. In the course of a thorough analysis, we evaluate projects and, having extensive experience in this field, we immediately understand what will “take off” and what will not.

If we see a prospect, we wrap the project correctly, bring it to reason, help with the correct tokenization, with exchanges, with marketing, with the initial liquidity funds, and launch it. The investors know that we do not take bad projects. They know that our projects bring from 500% to several thousand percent of profit and invest in our projects with pleasure. WIN WIN for everyone.

4) So, you don’t even take money from projects?

No, but we immediately say that a significant share of the project (tokens) will belong to us.

5) And they agree to this?

Most do, because any experienced businessman understands that there are a million ideas in the world, a million products, too, but only a few can get big investments of millions of dollars for it. We help with this, because we know practically everyone in this market.

6) How many projects are you currently launching?

In the next two weeks we plan to launch 5 projects, the rest are waiting for their turn.

7) What is the minimum profit that your investors receive?

Here I want to make a correction: these are not our investors. We don’t force or urge anyone to invest, but people are not stupid, they see our results, they know me and my team, so they actively invest themselves, understanding that we ourselves have invested in this or that project. For them, it’s like a sign of quality.

8) Speaking of the results, what is the minimum profitability for your projects?

505% ROI according to CoinMarketCap and above. That’s why other investors are watching us carefully and where we are investing. They don’t even need to be asked, they go into projects with us themselves.

9) But can the project fail?

Of course, anything can happen in this life, no one is insured and we do not promise anyone profit, interest, do not give financial advice, but still, at the moment, the market allows you to earn.

10) How often do you say no to projects?

This month alone, we turned down 41 projects and got three on board.

11) Serious approach! How can projects and investors find you?

You can find me on LinkedIn by typing Nikolay Shkilev, PhD, but I am also present on almost all social networks, or by going to