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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2021 /Technicorum Holdings is an Information Technology and Services group of companies specializing in Digital Assets, that was founded in 2020. It’s one of the leading companies working to provide IT-related services to small and medium businesses as well as some enterprise level companies across the globe. The headquarters of the company is situated in Singapore, with a presence in Europe as well.

Under the umbrella of Technicorum, there are several different verticals and resources working collectively to achieve common goals. The Group has very skilful and elite technical experts who analyse and understand clients’ requirements in-depth, and provide advisory and solutions that can help uplift the clients and provide value to them. With their insights, experts try to complete the tasks using advanced technologies and IT tools. The technical, professional and business experts working under the Technicorum umbrella endeavour to improve the clients’ offerings, business and to achieve growth and better results and performance by suggesting and applying practical and working strategies.

Vision & Mission
Technicorum, with its broad vision, provides smart solutions for companies of all sizes. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company/startup is; the technical and professional experts of Technicorum work exclusively to cater to all the problems and provide solutions with unparalleled and dedicated services. As the right use of technology and good strategies are the fundamentals for the success of any company, Technicorum delivers the best solutions for putting the companies on the right track and pushing them to a successful future.

Technicorum from the day of its establishment, has been providing top-notch consultancy and services to uplift companies of all sizes and sectors. Thus the Group has consistently earned a good name and referrals from repeat customers. With the valuable feedback from the clients, the Group has a broader vision to enhance and improve its services even more. With a mission to put every client on the right track, especially with regards to digitization, Technicorum always seeks to learn and evolve.

Furthermore, the Group has a mission to assist all crypto and DeFi related projects. So if any company needs any assistance regarding their projects, Technicorum’s experts are always ready to assist them regarding their projects.

TECHNICORUM – major business areas
Technicorum has the goal of assisting clients to improve their businesses, raise more capital and revenues, and to find the best strategies for a bright future, has become one of the trusted and most preferred companies that people look to for assistance. Technicorum has served a lot of companies across many industry segments from different parts of the world. The primary business areas that Technicorum covers at its platform are:

Furthermore, the core working areas of the Technicorum Group deal with companies and projects falling under these main categories: DeFi, Centralized Finance, Decentralized Finance, Blockchain, Technology, Internet, Fiat off-ramp, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, banking, investor, Fintech, Funding, Payment, Tokenization, Innovation, Crypto marketing, venture capitalist, advisor, IT, Digital Assets, Tokens, Tech Risk, Global Fintech, Entrepreneur, Strategic Crypto, ICO, STO, IEO, IPO, Airdrop, exchange, Risk Management, and Equity Derivatives.

From day one, the Technicorum experts have worked with top companies and on different projects related to Defi, Crypto, and other related areas. Technicorum, with the use of its proprietary, modern and industry-leading methods, has served many companies and crypto projects to reach their goals.

Technicorum has also worked with and partnered with some top companies and business partners that have a great following and businesses.


Malcolm Tan Chun Chuen – Top Advisor at Technicorum Group
Malcolm Tan Chun Chuen is the Chief Strategist and Advisor of Technicorum but he is also an active serial entrepreneur in many fields, and recently, primarily in the fields of Fintech, blockchain and digital technologies.

He founded Gravitas International Associates, and is Strategic Advisor of Kingswap DEX, amongst a few dozen other companies.

With his vast experience, in-depth knowledge, and extensive experience in the construction, telecommunications, engineering, retail, IT, and financial industries, Malcolm worked for top national and international companies worldwide. All the companies that Malcolm has worked with recognize his deep industry knowledge and strong business acumen and commercial advice, and those following such advice are satisfied and generating profits due to his top-notch and quality consultations.

Malcolm Tan, with his amazing expertise, has consulted many companies and businesses. He provided consultancy for some of the sectors as: Business consultancy, business and projects brokering, funding and investments, engineering and construction, IT and business management, and is now fully into Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, and has been and is an Advisor for numerous blockchain projects assisting them from a holistic viewpoint, from 2017 to the present day.

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