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From viral videos to memes, NFT art is the latest crypto craze. Now, you can get a taste of the digital revolution right here in SoFlo. Alex Miranda is a fungible guy to be around. He’s here with the story. What’s up, Alex?

As long as you don’t say I smell fungible!

NFTs, y’all — it’s a whole new world, but forget Rembrant, if you want to be a part of the future, the digital art revolution is here!

And we know just the place to start.

Warning: It’s time to put on your thinking caps.

NFT or “non-fungible token”…

Marc Billings, Blackdove: “For the first time in history, you can own a digital good, which replicates a physical ownership.”

Let’s be honest, it’s one of the most confusing acronyms in the English language.

Alex Miranda: “What is an NFT?”

Marc Billings: “Easy, Alex. That’s simply a cryptographic crash algorithmically generated from the blockchain.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, OK… Um… But…”

But, essentially, buying digital art boils down to this.

Marc Billings: “Even if it was on YouTube for the past 10 years, it was never yours. You had the ability to view it temporarily.”

OK, I’m following…

Marc Billings: “But now, I can officially say, ‘I own that,’ and that means something. I don’t know if everybody knows what it means quite yet, right? It’s sort of evolving.”

That artwork, which can be limited in quantity, is yours permanently. It’s kind of like buying a song on iTunes, and Blackdove is making it just as easy!

Marc Billings: “If I want to hang it on my wall as a work of art, you should own it.”

Just download the app on your smart phone and smart TV for free.

Marc Billings: “It looks and feels a lot like Spotify. You then see a catalogue of thousands of works of art.”

Some of which are also free!

Marc Billings: “And then, when you see something that you love, you get to buy it.”

And display it like a painting! Just like this at Blackdove’s digital art exhibit inside TheArsenale, where…

Alex Miranda: “Digital artwork ranges from the bizzare to the beautiful.”

The gallery in Miami’s Design District will showcase new artists every week.

Marc Billings: “The most amazing places around the world in moving image digital art.”

Prices range from $20 to $500,000, which is what I’m hoping to get.

Alex Miranda: “Now Marc, I don’t think you know that I am an NFT artist. What do you think I could get for this baby over here?”

Marc Billings: “Maybe it’s good for the free section.”

Stop by TheArsenale and check out the Blackdove exhibit.

You can buy NFTs on the spot there, but of course, you can also just download the app for free.


Blackdove NFT art exhibit
(inside of TheArsenale)
69 NE 41st St.
Miami, FL 33137

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