Crypto Super Villains Launch ‘The Red Order’ and $ORDR

DELAWARE, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) –– Self-proclaimed super villains of the cryptoverse today announced the launch of The Red Order (LINK), a role-playing crypto experience formed by a syndicate of rogue outcasts from the crypto community who have been deceived by viral memecoins. The core team and community are forged from former crypto ‘good guys’ who played by the rules but were swindled by illegitimate memes coins and are now seeking revenge by conquering the cryptoverse and creating a true art/entertainment/crypto ecosystem. The project is driven by the Red Order token ($ORDR), an ERC-20 token now available at and SushiSwap, which grants access to the community and experience, converging art, entertainment, gaming and cryptocurrency. 

“The influence of memecoins has created an extremely enthusiastic new generation of hopeful crypto investors looking to win big, but instead have been burned by scam coins and market manipulation by billionaires,” said Oliver Nasralah, spokesperson for The Red Order. “The Red Order is a call to action and an opportunity for these former hopefuls to join ‘the dark side’ and build a transparent community to create a legitimate entertainment ecosystem of art, games, NFTs, comics, collectibles and more.” 

The Red Order is centered around eleven super villains whose characters and backgrounds tell the story of the redemption of the crypto outcasts. Each character has their proper ambitions and abilities that add to the overall persona. The Red Order creates an entire entertainment brand that can be immortalized and represented in the form of 2D or 3D NFT art, comic books, games, 3D action figures, apparel and more. A fixed supply of 500,000,000,000 tokens will be minted at launch, with 15% of the total supply or 75,000,000,000 tokens allocated to a marketing wallet. The remaining token supply will be available to purchase.  No other tokens will be minted after the launch. 

Community members who join The Red Order will gain exclusive access to the project roadmap, rollout of super villain characters as well as the opportunity to become stakeholders in upcoming product releases.  Additional information can be found in the project’s “Evil Paper”, and to join, please visit

About The Red Order
The Red Order is a syndicate for rogue crypto supporters deceived by viral memecoins and market manipulation by billionaires. Developed by self-proclaimed super villains of the cryptoverse, The Red Order and $ORDR token represent a new age and opportunity to create a meaningful entertainment ecosystem around a legitimate altcoin. Community members engage in a role-playing crypto experience where former crypto good guys who were previously deceived, reclaim their power as super villains set to take over the cryptoverse. The Red Order token supports the evolution of the ecosystem, by converging art, entertainment, gaming, NFTs and more. The entire experience is transparent and collaborative for token holders. To learn more and join The Red Order, visit

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