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VeChain VET / USD is a blockchain that wants to end product counterfeiting. Essentially, VeChain is an anti-fraud technology that uses the cryptocurrency space to provide businesses with supply chain management services to keep track of just about anything.

It uses distributed governance in conjunction with Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create an ecosystem that solves important problems with supply chain management.

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FP has a catalyst for growth.

The VeChain PoA 2.0 test network ran at 2500 Txs per block. At this time, it was estimated that the testnet could handle 21.6 million transactions on a regular basis.

VeChainThor version 1.5 activated the hard fork known as ETH_IST and ensured VeChain compatibility with the latest Ethereum virtual machine. This fork required all nodes to be updated to the latest version of the protocol software.

On June 4, VeChain announced that, together with DNV, they are allowing Renji Hospital in China to launch the first blockchain-enabled IVF service application known as MyBaby.

This is in response to the emotional and stressful journey of the IVF process for women and families on a global scale. China’s IVF market is on track to surpass $ 2.8 billion by 2025 according to the research, so if VeChain is part of this, who knows how far its value could go by 2025 as well.

Invest in the future of article management

VET is the cryptocurrency token that you can invest in and it serves as an increase in value within the blockchain itself. The token can transfer value through the blockchain and even activate smart contracts.

There is also a second token known as VeCHainThor Energy or VTHO, which functions as the gas that powers smart contract transactions, and this token is not publicly available.

As more companies start to implement VeChain functionality in their systems, like partnering with DNV at Renji Hospital, to name one example, VET tokens can potentially be much more profitable to keep and sell at a later date.

In fact, by the end of the year, we could potentially see much more interest in the blockchain due to its recent update and a hard fork, since $ 0.1105 could be a worthwhile investment, given that historically, as in the 18 of April, we have seen its value skyrocket to $ 0.2546, making it 130% higher than it is today.

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