New cryptocoin ICO launch may go beyond the moon

SafeTitan Coin
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New crypto coins to buy in 2021, the topic that’s been on every investors’ mind.  Since a tidal wave of nearly a trillion dollars was injected into the cryptocurrency market, global attention has glued to digital money. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP have reigned supreme with financial whales making homes in their safe harbors.  Alternatively, coins like Safemoon and Shiba Inu made big gains of fast swings and lots of pumping action. Now, the world is seeking the latest high potential crypto coin and new signals are screaming about the return of the SafeTitan.

The China Coin

The group fueling this digital moneda’s rise are well known to the technology world of China.  Perhaps this is why the rising Titan of cryptos is being dubbed ‘The China Coin.’

Marketing Gurus Xia Yue, Ye Maozhong, and Wang Wenzon are pushing the SafeTitan brand through Asia’s mainland. More specifically they are targeting the youth of the 1.4 billion populated country, which many say has an economy ahead of America as of 2021.

The trio are currently planning a large-scale promotional campaign that will dominate Chinese social media platforms: Douyin, Sina Weibo, Youku, Kuaishou, Qzone, Xiaohongshu, Zhihu & Baidu Tieba. Together these powerhouse platforms serve nearly 3-billion users daily.

New Crypto Coin Moon

The official SafeTitan website is ‘out of this world.’ The page header gives users the feel of cruising outer space, perhaps to the moon. Either that or  trip to “Titan,” a moon of Saturn, which is akin to the cryptocurrency brand name.

The initial offering price of the SafeTItan token is .005 cents (USD) according to the home page.  Another boasted stat includes that several ICO registrations have been done, which means a new initial coin offering is quite likely in the near future. Most cryptocurrencies get listed with 2-5% of the initial exchanges which they register for an ICO with.

This is not Dogecoin.  There is no Elon Musk nor Mark Cuban screaming its name. However, there are rumors floating that a group of social media influencers are quietly aligning with SafeTitan. According to social media group chat rumors, when this new crypto coin releases in 2021, over 15-million followers will get notice pre-sale.

Where to buy in 2021

In layman’s terms, SafeTitan will be available for buyers on PanCakeSwap in July of 2021. The initial coin offering is less than a month away. These ‘facts’ are according to redditors. There is a subreddit community that’s been created for fans of “The China Coin.”

The .005 cents (USD) standard is a bit higher than many competitor coins, but this is also due to projected technology upgrades and usage features.

Not only that, the supply of this coin is drastically lower than most of your ‘mooning’ or ‘mainstream’ name brands on exchanges today. Only 1 billion tokens will be created for use.

This supply will decrease with time. Though nothing specific can be confirmed, this crypto coin will auto-burn 20-30% of its supply over time.

‘The 100’

The team of Chinese executives marketers working on outreach, are also working with influencers from all digi-spheres of the web. And from all over the world.

A “TItan100” plan may unfold later in June. Though not defined well, allegedly 100 powerful influencers will be given 1,000 tokens to sit at the table with SafeTitan’s bosses. This ‘Titan100’ group will be monitoring and influencing communities such as Telegram, reddit, Facebook, skype, WeChat, and more. Public data will be mined to help improve and inform the public about SafeTitan.

Of course, some of those influencers will also be YouTube or TikTok stars. Their company roles are not clear. There is a recent tweet confirming The 100 however (@SafeTian).

SafeTitan token uses

On the SafeTitan website, the company’s insights are clear.  The ‘moon bound’ token will have proof of elapsed time of Space consensus algorithms implemented. The crypto titan will also be focused on sharding technology and other digital currency techniques to allow for cross-chain bridging between the most popular crypto coins. The end goal, be a part in the decentralization of finance and keep fees minimal.

When Dogecoin reached the world-leading crypto exchange Coinbase in June 2021, it was already .30cents. The biggest gains by investors were already made. Active investors have sought out the ‘shiba inu’ faced coin on smaller cryptocurrency exchanges since 2018.   After a lot of buzz built on social media, much like what’s happening with SafeTitan in China, OKEx’s founder offered the coin on their exchange. One tweet was made to announce the event (read here).

Smart and maybe somewhat lucky investors plowed in millions, purchasing the Doge for $.0077, which is less than a penny. Those who purchased $100 of Dogecoins at that time would have approximately $4,739 more, if sold at 38 cents (USD).

No pair of shoes that you invested $100 on in 2019, could have been that comfortable to miss out on nearly $5,000 profit. Not unless you were walking into a Diamond or Gold mine.

Perhaps SafeTitan will be the next rocket to the moon. If as the company claims, it will be ‘beyond the moon.’

The new cryptocurrency ICO launch in July may be the reason one should hold off on that ‘swanky’ sneaker purchase and walk barefoot to success.

The best cryptocurrency to buy in 2021 earlier was Bitcoin, then Ethereum, then Dogecoin, then Safemoon. The moon-rides are coming faster than Elon Musk could have predicted.

Story by Carolina Khid