Tom York on Business: San Diego Filmmaker Offers Horror Flick Via Blockchain NFT

Poster for Brood X
A promotional poster for Nicole Natale’s Brook X film.

San Diego movie-maker Nicole Natale  is offering one of her film projects, a horror themed creature-feature, as a NFT token recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are units of data stored on a digital ledger. The new investment platform has been gaining lots of traction in recent months.

NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. A massive compilation of artwork created by Mike Winkelmann sold for $69 million in March.

Natale says her flick, “Brood X,” is now in the form of an NFT, which includes a screenplay, lengthy character descriptions, shooting budgets, a trailer, and other pieces of the project needed to bring the film to the big screen, according to a news release.

Once stored, the material is considered unique and not interchangeable, making it a potentially valuable commodity.