Twitter floods with excitement with just three days to go for SafeMoon Beta Testing

In the crypto domain, SafeMoon is the star right now with the spotlight shining thanks to its notable price spike since launch. Despite the downhill position of crypto right now with the dip keeping the users on edge, SafeMoon has managed to retain the excitement. One reason being the SafeMoon Beta Testing sign up which will take place on June 15th. With the promise of an exciting show and so much more, SafeMoon Wallet is gaining momentum.

And as usual, Twitter has taken up the wave, and it has been flooding with memes, responses, and reactions ever since, reflecting the chagrin on the part of the users most vividly.

Here is a compilation of the best responses from Twitter

Seems like everybody is in the mood to cheer.

Excitement is in the air, and the moon is not so far away apparently.

Looks like SafeMoon is all set to “Weather the Weather.”

In the midst of all the chaos, we finally have a saving grace. Let’s hope it does not ‘fall’ from grace any time soon.

The ground is all set for the new star to rock the stage. (Not to sound too cynical, let’s again hope that it does not fall off the stage.)

The fest is on and there is no time for rest.

We really needed some excitement after all the abrupt changes.