Why the falling price of bitcoin is good news for Robert Kiyosaki

Investor famous for being the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author tweeted his stance on crypto this weekend.

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This Sunday, May 30, investor Robert Kiyosaki tweeted that he was pleased with the price drop that bitcoin has experienced. But what was the reason?

“Bitcoin is collapsing. This is great news. When the price hits $ 27,000, I can start shopping again. Much will depend on the global macro environment. Remember that the problem is not gold, silver or bitcoin. The problem is the incompetent in government, the Fed and Wall Street. Remember that gold cost 300 dollars in 2000 ”, says the Kiyosaki message in English.

According to cryptocurrency tracking site CoinGecko, the price of bitcoin is trading at $ 36,990. May 2021 has been the worst month for the cryptocurrency since September 2011 as it has depreciated 37 percent, according to Investing.com .

The author of the bestseller “Rich dad, poor dad” had already recommended buying more gold, silver and bitcoins on his Twitter account weeks ago.

Kiyosaki did not explain the relationship that could exist between the price of bitcoin, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department, but Kiyosaki is one of his most habitual critics.