Maison Reserve & Co. launches the world’s first cryptocurrency tethered to the supply and demand of real products | Texas

DALLAS, Aug. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Maison Reserve & Co. a Dallas-based company launches the world’s first cryptocurrency tethered to the supply and demand of real products, backed by R&D, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and loyalty rewards, on a transparent and fool-proof ledger — Blockchain.

Maison Reserve & Co. — The worlds first cryptocurrency tethered to the supply and demand of real products!

With transaction costs decreasing, and a deflationary path for ETH in sight partly due to the London hard fork, Maison Reserve & Co. selected Ethereum as the blockchain foundation for building the core of the platform.

“By using smart contracts, we can maximize the efficiency, reliability, and transparency of every action that occurs not only during manufacturing, but also on sales and loyalty reward cycles,” said Daniel Anton, one of the lead investors in the company. “It’s a massively interconnected industrial smart contract, with integrated real-time capabilities, secured and powered by blockchain.”

The concept is simple. Maison Reserve & Co. manufactures a product that a consumer normally buys every week or month like a deodorant, lotion, or a shampoo. They then sell the product for what a competitor is selling it for, and instantly give the customer 50-75% cash-back in form of Maison Reserve crypto (MRSV) by scanning a QR code embedded in the product packaging, which can be swapped for USD, BTC, ETH, or used for buying more products on the Maison Reserve & Co. website and partner sites.

As a US-based manufacturing facility of everyday household products, Maison Reserve & Co. is focused on the long-term value of the brand, coupled with growing a loyal customer base, which is the primary reason for selling the products at cost when factoring in the economics behind the cash-back rewards.

To date, Maison Reserve & Co. has received equity funding from a group of Dallas investors led by Daniel Anton who actively manages an excess of $200 million in FX derivatives.

“When looking for our next investment, Maison Reserve & Co. was a no-brainer. It’s extremely rare to find a company in this industry that isn’t chasing projected revenue models which fail 95% of the time in a spectacular way,” added Anton, “Building the foundation with long-term growth in mind is what we’re focusing on. ROI comes later.”

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